Our Story

We Started SleepLily So That Our Kids (And Yours) Would Have a Safer Place to Sleep

Like all parents, we want our daughters, Emerie & Hadley, to grow up in a safe, loving environment – an environment where their bodies and minds can flourish.  Part of this means doing our best to protect them from things we know could do them harm.


As we researched nursery items, it became clear that the mattress matters.  In fact, after a lot of research, we came to the conclusion that the mattress was the single most important item we would purchase for our nursery.

Why? Well, not only would our children be spending over half of their young lives on this mattress, during a critical development phase, but it’s well documented that standard mattresses can contain toxic chemicals, like toxic flame retardants and VOCs.

In fact, we found that chemicals often used by mattress companies were known to cause cancer, affect liver function, harm the nervous system, delay puberty, cause reproductive problems, and a host of other life-long conditions.

Whew! Talk about having trouble sleeping at night as a parent!

As we began our search for a mattress, we were in for another surprise. We quickly found that words like “organic” and “eco-friendly” were little more than marketing slogans at most mattress companies.

Most companies didn’t immediately disclose what all was inside their mattresses. And even some of the most popular, most expensive “organic mattresses” were using the very chemicals we were trying to avoid!

The Birth of SleepLily – The Perfect Non-Toxic Mattress

So we did what any (slightly obsessive) parents would do: we decided to start making our own non-toxic mattress. It seemed a little bit crazy at first, but we knew that there were other parents like us who were looking for a truly non-toxic mattress.

What would the perfect non-toxic mattress look like? We wrote down our criteria:

  • We would only use the best, most natural materials. And we would process all these materials gently and naturally.
  • We would NEVER use any harmful chemicals. This means no polyurethane, no polyethylene, no synthetic latex,  no vinyl, no antimony, no halogenated flame retardants (HFRs), no perfluorinated compounds (PFCs), no water-proofers, no harmful chemicals period!
  • Everything we made would be GOTS-certified – the most reputable 3rd-party certification of purity.
  • Everything we made would be available online & affordable, so all parents can benefit from our mattresses.

This was quite a big list! But after some searching, we were able to find a group of expert craftsmen in California who have the skill and know-how to help us make something that fit every checkmark on our list! After many months of working with them and helping to craft our line-up of the perfect non-toxic mattresses, we’re incredibly proud to be offering them here.

Now, Emerie & Hadley sleep on a SleepLily mattress each night.  In fact, even Mama and Papa have their own SleepLily mattress now! We think that once you’ve had a chance to learn more and get your own SleepLily mattress, you’ll agree that it truly is the perfect non-toxic mattress!

From Our Family To Yours

While SleepLily was made first for our own children, we offer them to you with the same love and care.Whether you are buying a mattress for yourself or your little one, these are our promises to you:

  • Safety – Everything we make & sell must first be 100% pure and safe. This means no toxic chemicals, no harmful ingredients, no compromises.
  • Comfort – Not only will we make the purest mattress, we will also make the most comfortable. We back this up with our 90-Day Sleep Trial Guarantee.
  • Honesty – We will provide open & honest information on all of our products and we will do this in a way that is simple to find and easy to understand. We provide a fair price that passes onto you the savings we get by not having the expense of running a physical store.

If you have any question, or would like to reach out to us, please contact us and we’d be happy to help!

– Yulia & the SleepLily Team