Your SleepLily mattress and box spring have been crafted by artisans dedicated to producing only the purest, finest quality sleep systems.

All of our SleepLily mattresses and box springs are covered by a full 10 Year Non-Prorated Warranty to the original purchaser.


This warranty covers all components and covers against defects in materials and manufacturing. Should a failure occur in any of these components, including the spring, core, basic construction or cover, SleepLily will gladly repair or replace your mattress and/or box spring at our discretion. You will be asked only to cover the cost of shipping. This warranty is F.O.B. South El Monte, CA and is not transferable.
While SleepLily strives to ensure your satisfaction, a few conditions beyond our control may invalidate this warranty:

  • Our extensive commitment to superior quality and raw materials results in a mattress so luxuriously dense that its weight must be supported and distributed properly across the foundation. As a result, the warranty may be invalidated should the mattress be used either without a box spring or with a box spring other than SleepLily’s.
  • The mattress has been folded or bent.
  • The box springs have not been properly supported.
  • There are signs of improper care such as stains, burns or compacting due to insufficient turning.

Please note that SleepLily cannot be responsible for claims associated with the handles, normal wear, fading or stains to the cover, issues of firmness, allergies or sensitivity to materials. Mattresses or box springs sold “as is” or as “floor models” are outside the coverage of this warranty as well.

The natural components of your mattress will respond to interactions with the human body. Gentle body impressions and subtle shifts in support characteristics are perfectly normal. They will in no way diminish the performance of your sleep system.

Your mattress and the box spring are free from known defects, created under a pledge of providing superior construction and attention to detail.


Any easy, natural way to revive the beauty of your mattress is spot cleaning with a solution of 1:3 parts white distilled vinegar and water. Spray the solution on the spot, then expose it to direct sunlight until the stain fades and any scent of the vinegar disappears. Make sure the mattress is entirely dry before returning it to use.

If you prefer to use a non-toxic spot cleaner, follow the manufacturer’s directions and make sure the cleaner dries completely before you use your mattress.

Care for your SleepLily mattress and it will keep its promise to you-bringing many years of luxurious, healthy rest for body and spirit.