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Pure Bliss – Non-Toxic Mattress for Kids


Our Premium Non-Toxic Mattress for Children. 100% Pure Natural Latex w/Organic Cotton & PureGrow Wool. No flame-retardants, VOCs, or harmful chemicals.

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Product Description

“Blissful” isn’t a word typically used to describe a mattress for kids. But this non-toxic kid’s mattress earns that title. So what exactly makes this non-toxic mattress so blissful?

First, we think it is blissful because it is truly non-toxic. It isn’t soaked in flame retardants or any other harmful chemicals that emit toxic VOCs. Everything is 100% pure and natural, from the natural latex (with no synthetic fillers) to the Organic Cotton & PureGrow Wool.

Second, the natural latex we use is naturally mold & mildew resistant, naturally anti-microbial and naturally hypoallergenic. So if your child has allergies, or if you live in a humid environment, this mattress may be just what you need.

Finally, the latex in this mattress provides superior support and pressure relief, because it gently conforms to the needs of your growing child. This may not seem like a big deal if your child is two years old now, but if you plan on keeping this mattress for many year, it will make a difference down the road. It may even be the difference between having to buy a new mattress as your child grows up, or keeping this one for many years to come.

What’s inside the Pure Bliss Non-Toxic Mattress for Kids

This mattress is made with 3 simple ingredients: 100% Pure Natural Latex, Organic Cotton & PureGrow Wool. It’s lovingly handmade in California, to bring you a non-toxic kid mattress that you will be able to use for many many years.

1. 100% Pure Natural Latex

At the core of this mattress is 100% Pure & Natural Latex. This means it comes directly from the Hevea brasiliensis tree (or “rubber tree”). When we say 100% Pure, that’s exactly what we mean. There is no synthetic latex or other synthetic fillers in this non-toxic mattress. This is an important distinction, because many mattress companies claim to use “natural latex”, but the reality is that they are mixing some natural latex with synthetic latex. You want to avoid synthetic latex because it emits VOCs. VOCs can irritate your childs eyes, nose and throat, cause headaches and some may even cause cancer.

2. Organic Cotton

The Natural Latex core is then wrapped with Organic Cotton & PureGrow Wool and quilted to an organic cotton cover.

This is the same organic cotton we use in all of our non-toxic mattress, so there are no pesticides, no defoliants, no mineral oils & no fire-retardants.

3. PureGrow Wool

It’s also the same wool we use across all of our non-toxic mattresses which was sheared from live, healthy sheep and gently processed without chemicals. It’s also naturally flame resistant. That means this mattress naturally meets the fire safety standards we’re required to have by law without any harmful flame retardant chemicals.

The cotton in our Organic Cotton Cover is made extraordinary soft & breathable by twice-washing it in gentle, non-toxic soap to remove any starch. And no bleaching or chemical treatment is ever used in this process.

What makes the Pure Bliss Mattress for Kids “Non Toxic”

Like all of our mattresses, the Pure Bliss Mattress for Kids is made from start to finish to be a truly non-toxic children’s mattress. While we could call this an “organic kids mattress” or “natural kids mattress”, we think “non-toxic kids mattress” is the best description because of the special care we put into keeping harmful chemicals out of the mattress – something that many so-called “organic children mattresses” do not do.

So here’s our promise: At SleepLily, you will never find any of the following chemicals in our mattresses.

  • No Flame Retardants
  • No Polyurethane
  • No Synthetic Latex
  • No Vinyl
  • No Antimony
  • No Halogenated Flame Retardants (HFRs)
  • No Perfluorinated compounds (PFCs)
  • No Artificial Waterproofers
  • No Harmful Chemicals. Period.

Whether you buy from us or another company, we implore you to make sure that the mattress you buy does not have any of these materials. Companies aren’t obligated to tell you what is in the mattress. So if the company does not specifically make a pledge like ours, there is a very good chance that they have one or more of these harmful chemicals.

Handmade in California – Just for You!

Every SleepLily mattress is made fresh to order, by hand, in California.

This means you don’t have to worry about getting a mattress that’s been sitting in a warehouse for months on end, like you do with some of the other mattresses. You’ll be getting a top-quality mattress that is perfectly pure and untainted.

Because we make each mattress to order, please allow 1-3 weeks for the production of your mattress, plus 5-10 days for shipping from California.

If you need to expedite your order, please contact us in advance so we can see if we can accommodate.

Additional Information

Dimensions 38 x 74 x 7 in

Handmade to order in California – please allow 1-3 weeks for production, plus 5-10 days for shipping.


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