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Pure Start – Non-Toxic Cradle Mattress


Our Non-Toxic Cradle Mattress is made with just Organic Cotton & PureGrow Wool. No flame-retardants, VOCs, or toxic chemicals. Fits standard Cradles.

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Product Description

This Non-Toxic Cradle Mattress has exactly what your infant needs to support a natural sleep environment during their critical early development stages. Even though cradles are typically only used during the first months of a newborn’s life, your baby will be spending a significant amount of time in close proximity to this mattress surface, so we believe it is important that the cradle mattress be free of things that could harm your baby’s early development – like harmful flame retardants, VOCs and materials that could cause toxic off-gasing.

What’s Inside the Pure Start Non-Toxic Cradle Mattress

This non-toxic cradle mattress is made from just two simple, non-toxic materials: organic cotton & PureGrow wool. These materials are carefully crafted by hand in California to bring you a non-toxic cradle mattress you can feel good about.

2-inch Organic Cotton at the Core

Similar to the Mini-Crib Mattress, this Cradle Mattress is made of 2″ core of organic cotton. Not only is this cotton organic, but we also process it with extraordinary care to ensure that it is free of all pesticides, defoliants, mineral oils, and any other harmful chemicals. We also do NOT add any flame retardants to this cradle mattress.

PureGrow Wool

Around this, we add a layer of PureGrow Wool. Not only is this wool the perfect bedding material for its ability to wick off moisture and reduce mildew, but it’s also naturally flame resistant. That means this mattress naturally meets the fire safety standards we’re required to have by law without any harmful flame retardant chemicals.

Organic Cotton Ticking

This non-toxic cradle mattress is covered with our Organic Cotton Ticking. We make this cotton extraordinary soft & breathable by twice-washing it in gentle, non-toxic soap to remove any starch. And no bleaching or chemical treatment is used in this process.

What makes this Cradle Mattress “Non Toxic”

Like all of our mattresses, the Pure Start Cradle Mattress is made from start to finish to be a truly non-toxic mattress. While we could call this an “organic cradle mattress” or “natural cradle mattress”, we think “non-toxic cradle mattress” is the best description because of the special care we put into keeping harmful chemicals out of the mattress – something that many so-called “organic cradle mattresses” do not do.

So here’s our promise: At SleepLily, you will never find any of the following chemicals in our mattresses.

  • No Flame Retardants
  • No Polyurethane
  • No Synthetic Latex
  • No Vinyl
  • No Antimony
  • No Halogenated Flame Retardants (HFRs)
  • No Perfluorinated compounds (PFCs)
  • No Artificial Waterproofers
  • No Harmful Chemicals. Period.

Whether you buy from us or another company, we implore you to make sure that the mattress you buy does not have any of these materials. Companies aren’t obligated to tell you what is in the mattress. So if the company does not specifically make a pledge like ours, there is a very good chance that they have one or more of these harmful chemicals.

Handmade in California – Just for You!

Every SleepLily mattress is made fresh to order, by hand, in California.

This means you don’t have to worry about getting a mattress that’s been sitting in a warehouse for months on end, like you do with some of the other mattresses. You’ll be getting a top-quality mattress that is perfectly pure and untainted.

Because we make each mattress to order, please allow 1-3 weeks for the production of your mattress, plus 5-10 days for shipping from California. We ship this cradle mattress via UPS, and will provide tracking confirmation when your mattress is on its way!

If you need to expedite your order, please contact us in advance so we can see if we can accommodate.

Caring For Your Pure Start Cradle Mattress

Care Instructions:

  • If needed, air-out your mattress in the sun, and spot clean with a white vinegar and water solution, allowing it to dry completely

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Handmade to order in California. Please allow 1-3 weeks for production, plus 5-10 days for shipping.


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