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Learn about the best materials to create a pure, healthy sleep environment.

manufacturer holding bundles of raw pure grow wool.

Pure Grow Wool – Raising the Baaaa-r

Pure Grow wool is SleepLily’s favorite fiber. It is completely natural, non-toxic, and cruelty-free. What’s so great about Pure Grow Wool? Wool can do incredible things, which is why Pure Grow wool is featured in our non-toxic mattresses. Wool has been used all over the world for centuries because of it’s incredible properties. Here are 3 of the… Read more »

Finding the Perfect Materials for Non-Toxic Mattress

Building the perfect non-toxic mattress starts with finding the safest, most natural materials. Because no matter what other companies do in the manufacturing process, or how many fancy marketing names they create to make their products “sound” more organic, if you don’t start with pure, wholesome materials, you can’t create a truly non-toxic mattress. So when… Read more »