Pure Grow Wool – Raising the Baaaa-r

manufacturer holding bundles of raw pure grow wool.

Pure Grow wool is SleepLily’s favorite fiber. It is completely natural, non-toxic, and cruelty-free.

What’s so great about Pure Grow Wool?

Wool can do incredible things, which is why Pure Grow wool is featured in our non-toxic mattresses. Wool has been used all over the world for centuries because of it’s incredible properties.

Here are 3 of the amazing properties of wool that make it perfect for creating a comfortable sleeping environment:

1. Pure Grow Wool naturally regulates body temperature

Wool acts as an intelligent insulator. In cool climates, it helps keep your body warm but not too warm. Or, in hotter climates, it will keeps your body cool. It’s even perfect for sweaty-sleepers because it wicks moisture away from the body. This is why wool has been popular for thousands in years from the heat of the desert, to the cool of the arctic.

2. Pure Grow Wool is naturally fire-resistant

The natural fire-resistant abilities of Pure Grow wool mattresses meet fire-safety standards. This means we do not need to use harmful, synthetic flame-retardant chemicals.

3. Pure Grow Wool is resistant to mold and mildew

Pure Grow wool is also resistant to mold and mildew. Since dust mites HATE the dry, clean feel of a wool insulated mattress, they stay faaaar away. Bye-bye bugs!

How is Pure Grow Wool different from conventional wool?

Pure Grow wool is different from conventional wool in several important ways.

1. Pure Grow Wool is processed without any chemicals

The processing and treatments of wool are the most important (and most overlooked) consideration.

Conventional wool processing includes toxic detergents that harm the body’s endocrine system. These chemicals are often why some experience an intolerance to wool. Even worse, these harsh chemicals runoff into the environment and do terrible things to aquatic life. Europe has already banned many of these chemicals. Pure Grow wool has too.

Pure Grow wool stays uncompromised through the entire process. It is sanitized in hot water and washed with gentle, biodegradable soap. No bleaches, formaldehyde, or dyes will contaminate our wool or get dumped into the environment.  This process puts PureGrow wool high above the “organic” certification; PureGrow wool stays pure, natural, and protected from harsh chemicals from the pasture to your pillow.

2. Pure Grow wool goes beyond organic standards

The current federal standards for the organic certification of wool prohibits pesticides, synthetic hormones, and genetic engineering. Pure Grow wool raises their organic standards to include the following:

  • No chemicals, pesticides, or artificial materials in the sheep’s environment
  • Pastures must be free from pesticides for more than two years before used for sheep grazing
  • Sheep will be sheared in clean environments and on surfaces clean from dust, dirt or pests

3. Pure Grow wool comes from happy sheep (and happy farmers)

Sheep raised for Pure Grow wool live in free-range, cruelty-free farms. All this is possible because PureGrow is sustainably sourced and all workers receive fair compensation. Pure Grow wool is purchased at a price that supports farmers and allows them to maintain a healthy farm, raise happy sheep, and harvest premium PureGrow wool.

That’s it! We hope this helps you understand what Pure Grow wool is, and why it is a perfect material for non-toxic mattresses.

In fact, Pure Grow wool is the only kind of wool we use our SleepLily Non-Toxic Mattresses.