Finding the Perfect Materials for Non-Toxic Mattress

Building the perfect non-toxic mattress starts with finding the safest, most natural materials.

Because no matter what other companies do in the manufacturing process, or how many fancy marketing names they create to make their products “sound” more organic, if you don’t start with pure, wholesome materials, you can’t create a truly non-toxic mattress.

So when we were just starting SleepLily, the first thing we did was to find the best mattress materials possible.

We made this criteria to help us out in our search:

  1. It has to be completely natural. The best way to ensure that our mattresses are truly non-toxic is to make sure that everything we put into them is completely natural. This means nothing synthetic, nothing made in a lab. This also means avoiding recently invented materials. We think this is prudent because the regulations behind testing new materials is very lax in the United States. So even though a material today hasn’t been shown to cause problems, that doesn’t mean it won’t have some unintended effects.
  2. It has to be indulgently comfortable. The most natural mattress materials in the world don’t matter unless they are also extremely comfortable!
  3. It has to be meticulously sourced.  We want to make sure that we are not only getting the highest quality materials, but that they are being sourced in a way that is sustainable, for both the supplier and for the planet!


Lucky for us, nature has provided us with some truly amazing materials that we can use. It provides us with materials that are safe & extraordinarily comfortable. And when used properly, these materials provide us with some added benefits, too. So not only will using these materials help you sleep better, they will help you feel better. 

Organic Cotton

What makes Organic Cotton so great for mattresses?

Real, organic cotton is the ideal density as a sleeping surface. If offers just the right amount of support and comfort. Also, cotton naturally “breathes,” which allows your skin to breathe while you sleep.

Why is organic cotton important over non-organic cotton?

Standard cotton is grown with the use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. It’s then processed with the use of other harsh chemicals.

By sourcing only organic cotton, and then processing it naturally without chemicals, you can avoid long-term exposure to these chemicals. You can get comfort that is soft, clean, breathable & pesticide free!

PureGrow Wool

What makes wool so great for mattresses?

Wool is one of the secrets to creating a great sleeping environment. It’s been used all over the world for centuries, from the hottest deserts to the coolest arctic climates.

Wool has some truly amazing natural abilities: it insulates without overheating, it’s mildew resistant, it’s flame resistant, and it wicks away moisture from the body.

In fact, the Hohenstein Institute in West Germany tested wool next to synthetic fiber, cotton fiber, and down bedding. Here’s what they found: wool was superior to all in its ability to handle body moisture in both warm and cool external temperatures.  It even has a calming effect. The heart rate under a wool-filled comforter was significantly lower 100% of the time.

The natural flame resistant abilities of wool also mean that we don’t have to use any synthetic flame retardants in our mattresses. Yea!

What should you look for in wool?

When it comes wool, the most important (and overlooked) consideration is how the wool is processed. Some manufacturers claim that their wool is “organic” then they process their wool in harsh chemicals.

We use something called “PureGrow” wool. It’s raised and processed at a higher standard than conventional wool, so it stays pure and un-compromised through the entire process.

Our PureGrow wool is untreated and unbleached, gently washed without chemicals. It’s also sourced in a sustainable way that ensures workers are compensated fairly.

100% Natural Latex

What makes natural latex so great for mattresses?

Latex is great for sleeping because it helps to naturally align the spine, supporting the shoulder and hip area without pushing against pressure points. It’s also naturally mold resistant and mildew resistant, and prevents dust mites.

Why 100% Natural Latex vs Synthetic Latex?

We’ve talked before about why synthetic latex is so bad in mattresses. We’ve also talked about many manufactures claim that they are using “natural” latex or “plant-based” foam, when the reality is that they are mixing a small percentage of natural latex with a large percentage of synthetic latex.

The only way to ensure you aren’t getting any synthetic latex is by getting 100% Natural Latex, derived straight from the Hevea brasiliensis tree (rubber tree). And that’s all we use in our mattresses.

Finding a Mattress With Only Natural Materials

We hope that this has been helpful in your search for a non-toxic mattress. Whether you find a SleepLily Mattress or another non-toxic mattress, we’re here to help, so please feel free to contact us with any questions you might have!