How To Throw an Awesomely Organic Baby Shower

Throw a Hip, Eco-Conscious Baby Shower and Build Your Perfect Organic Nursery!

We’ve all been to those classic baby showers where diaper bouquets decorate the tables, pink and blue cray-paper lines the ceiling, and there are one too many games *eye roll*. Forget the pacifier games and let SleepLily help you throw a baby shower that is as hip and eco-conscious as the mama-to-be!

Here is everything you need to throw a baby shower that is relaxing for Mama, fun for guests, and eco-friendly.

It All Starts with Building an Organic Registry!

Let’s face it – traditional retailers (and traditional registries) just don’t have enough organic, non-toxic baby items. So before you grab that zapper and go to town at Baby’s-R-Us, it’s worth seeing if there is a way you can get the organic, non-toxic options you want.

Fortunately, there is!

Using an online registry, like Babylist, you can register for any item from any store in one registry. Want a gorgeous, hand-crafted mobile from Baby Jives? Piece of cake! Or, let’s say you want to make sure you get a non-toxic crib mattress (wink wink!). Well, you can do it all with Babylist.

When you register, it gives you a little button to add to your web-browser.




When you have this on your browser, you can click it while you shop any online store and add items to your registry! Here’s what it looks like when you click the button from the page for the Pure Start Non-Toxic Crib Mattress:




Once you fill in the details, just click “Add to Babylist”. The Item will then show up on your baby list registry for all your friends to see and purchase!




You can register for everything from strollers,  to unique nursery decorations, to home cooked meals and college funds.  And if designing your own perfect nursery becomes overwhelming, you can peek at themed and sample registries for some inspiration (or check out some of our favorite products for keeping toxins out of your nursery)!

Finding Eco-Friendly Invites

Sending out e-vites has become super easy, and is definitely the greenest way to go.  If you’re looking to stand out in MIN-RYZ-BSH-001A_A_PDan inbox, check out Paperless Post. For about $20 you can send adorable e-vites to around 30 people that will look just like the real thing. Plus, your guests can RSVP right on the spot which means less work for you!

Love to lick the envelopes? You can send out invites on recycled paper from Minted!

Want to stand out? Send your invitations on seed paper, which is especially perfect for a spring-time shower.


Organic, Eco-Friendly Decorations.

Isn’t it silly and so wasteful to spend hundreds of dollars on decorations that will be used once and then either tossed out or packed away in the attic. If you are really looking to go green and be seen at your baby shower you need to check out Bashery and Co.  They give you the option to pick and choose the decorations you want or choose a pre-themed package. Choose from over 100 items handmade by the hippest and most unique designers giving you one-of-a-kind, luxe décor that would otherwise blow your party’s budget. When the party is over, you simply return the decorations. Adorable. Sustainable. Affordable. Did I mention adorable?

Of course, there are so many simple, ways to transform a space. Decorations don’t need to be stressful, tacky, or expensive. Get creative and think of decorations that can be enjoyed long after the baby shower. You could hang a clothesline of onesies, or baby socks, or bibs! Ask guests to bring something to hang! My favorite thing is to decorate tables with fresh flowers and wooden blocks! Guests can decorate a wooden block with a letter of the alphabet – woah – baby shower game, decorations and guest book- all in one!  

Add some safe-for-baby air-purifying potted plants to the party so Mama-can-be can brighten up her nursery.

blocks instructions          block

The Refreshments.

Since baby showers are typically mid-day/afternoon events there is no need to go full-on catering service here! Whip up some mingle-friendly finger foods and don’t forget the “mocktails!” Stay traditional with tea-sandwiches and quiches or mix it up with a super trendy brunch bar! Again, food can be as elaborate or as simple as you choose, but check out this list for some adorable inspiration.

Normal parties are chalk-full of plastic cups, cutlery, and disposable dishes. Find a space that provides these things (maybe for a small rental fee) so you have anything to toss! I’ve also seen some super thrifty gals find eclectic teacups saucers, and plates at their local Goodwill! It definitely makes the event seem much more inviting. If you like the easy of disposables, there are tons of compostable options available from EcoChoice. The wooden plates could go with any woodsy-adventurer baby shower theme, too!

Baby Shower Games That Don’t Suck

There, I said it. I think some baby shower games are really a drag. I don’t want to pass the “poopy diaper” or guess how big Mama’s baby-belly is, I want to laugh and mingle with Mama to be and the rest of the family that is excited about the new little miracle!

If you’re looking for a hilarious and unique baby shower game, print out pictures of Mom and Dad at different ages at least 8″x10″, cut them into two-inch strips horizontally and scatter the pieces around the tables. Let guests swap out chins and noses and eyes and hairdo’s to predict what baby will look like! Maybe add some facial features of Aunt’s, Uncles, and Grandparents-to-be!

Everyone wants to see all Mama-to-be open her gifts and get excited to outfit her nursery. This can be pretty exhausting at 8 and a half months pregnant and pretty boring if you have a short attention span like me. Any ideas for how to make the opening of the presents less tire-some? To be super sustainable, you can ask guests to bring their presents un-wrapped and create a gift-display! Save on all that wrapping paper and the time it takes to un-wrap all the gifts.

Another clever idea is to take the spotlight off the mama-to-be and have the host place one gift on each guest’s chair (ensuring that it isn’t the gift they brought!). Instruct them to open their gifts at the same time then takes turns showing off what they opened and who it’s from. Mama-to-be will have a chance to sit back, put her swollen feet up, and take it all in. Plus this frees up more time for chit-chat!

Ultimately, the baby shower is a chance to show Mama-to-be that she is surrounded by ladies who love her and will love her new baby! Keep that in mind as you are planning this baby shower and it will certainly be a success!

Happy Showers!