6 Must-Follow Mommas & their Top Tips for Non-Toxic Living

Here at SleepLily, we know that there are just too many blogs to read through to find content that is relevant for you and your little one. As avid mommy blog readers, we did the hard part for you. Below are 6 Mama’s you must be following and their helpful tips for you.

The blogs below are in no particular order – we’re BIG fans of all of them.


1. Maison Pur

Are you fed up with the toxins in everything from your beauty products to your children’s bath toys? So was Molly. At Maison Pur, she explores the world of non-toxic products and empowers you to take a stance against these toxins as well


Here’s Molly’s #1 tip for non-toxic living:


“Trust your gut. There are lots of opinions, websites and baby books out there, but you know your baby best” -@maisonpur


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Kate is a Mom-trepreneur from the San Fransisco Bay Area who was once totally overwhelmed with all of the baby products on the market. She created TotScoop as a simple way to discover the best, parent-tested baby products! She makes it easy to gather information on brands and products most loved by your friends and parents with similar tastes and lifestyles.


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3. Mama Hippie

This is the blog for natural parenting! Stephanie, The Mama Hippie, spreads peace, love, and natural living, giving you the inside scoop on everything from baby-wearing to vegan parenting!



Here’s Stephanie’s #1 Tip for Non-Toxic Living:

“Don’t be afraid to let others help, and not just with baby related things. Dishes, vacuuming laundry and everything else really take a back seat when you’re starting a bond with a new baby. I found having a list of things that needed to be done taped to my fridge really helped take the awkwardness out of asking.”

Don’t be afraid to let others help… everything takes a back seat when you’re starting a bond with a new baby -@mamababyhippie

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4. Mindful Momma

Micaela is a “Mindful Momma” just like you. She wanted a healthy, more natural lifestyle” but she didn’t know where to start. Her blog provides simple, practical strategies for a non-toxic home and lifestyle as well as a community of other like-minded Momma’s who are right there with you every step of the way.



Here’s Micaela’s tip for Non-toxic living:


Don’t worry about perfection. Do what you can and feel good about it! -@mindfulmomma


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5. Picky Eater Blog

If you thought being a picky eater was a bad thing, think again. Anjali & The Picky Eater Blog is teaching us all to be a little bit “picky” about the foods we are putting in our child’s (and our own) bodies.



Here’s Anjali’s #1 Tip:

“Make sure you prioritize yourself right now! Get lots of sleep, make time to exercise, go out with your significant other at night! Make sure to prioritize your health – eat well, drink lots of water, get enough protein — it’s all about you and your baby right now!”

Make sure to prioritize your health… it’s all about you and your baby right now! -@pickyeaterblog


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6. The Pistachio Project

Brittany first began living “green and crunchy” when her second child was born and developed eczema. It quickly moved her family into the world of unscented and dye free products. Little by little her family moved deeper and deeper into natural living.



Here’s Brittany’s #1 tip for non-toxic living:

Living green and natural is a journey, nobody is 100% there yet but little by little we will get closer! -@pistachioprojec

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We hope you enjoy these blogs as much as we do!